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Hello! Oct. 10th, 2006 @ 07:03 pm
New member, just found this place the other day, decided to post and make my presence known.

21 years old, male, Lancashire UK.

Been into the tickling community for a damned long time, seven or so years now I think online. I came in through lurking at many of the big name forums, but I am currently registered to the majority if not for lurking purposes. The only one I'm particularly prominent on would be the Anime Tickling Forum. Most of my LJ Friends are from there :D

I've been within the cusp of the fetish for over a decade, as I started early with my personal development into some of the more fun human interactions ~_^

So yeah, feel free to friend me sometime. I wouldn't bother scouring my journal, I don't think that I have anything there to see tickling story wise, but if you're good boys and girls I might retell some of my campfire tales.

New LJ community Aug. 1st, 2006 @ 10:26 pm
Many of you love being tickled by gloved fingers:


hy !! Jul. 3rd, 2006 @ 02:46 pm
Hello, I'm new and tickles tickle my fancy...
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let's wake this place up! May. 8th, 2006 @ 12:13 am
i remember when i was younger i was searching the internet.. back then, aol was new, and the internet was a huge deal. some believe that desires, turn on's, fetishes.. they develop when you're young, but you arent even aware of them until much later when you become aware of the meaning. so while i judged others for looking up porn (which i swore was innappropriate, ha, THATS changed), i was finding myself more and more aroused at the idea of laughter, tickling, light caressing..

when i came across my first tickling video, it again, was online. by then i was searching for people online that had the same curiosity as i did.. i had no idea why i was so enthralled with the feeling of be helpless at the will of someone's wandering touch.. but knowing i wasnt the only one made me feel better about myself.

i am now much older and since then have discovered this unique and played down desire of tickling. stories, pictures, videos.. its what i look forward to throughout my day.. one my roomies leave the apartment.. i can search, i can play, i can fantasize.

no one has any idea.

i joined this group because its no longer the idea of being ashamed of my craving to be at the mercy of a tall stranger with magic fingers that dance over my soles, across my skin, exploring every sensitive squirming inch of my smooth thin body.. but its just great to come across and see that so many people have followed the same desire as i have.

tickling is a sexual, arousing, and stimulating activity.. a great source of foreplay, and the idea of domination and vulnerability, helplessness... it's exciting, it leaves my heart pounding, my breath shakey, and my mind running wild with anticipation as to what i'll come across, who i'll come across..

keep up with this group.. (i seen its grown dead for quite some time) .. and i look forward to mingling with fellow ticklers and ticklees.

until then :)
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Dec. 27th, 2005 @ 08:40 am
Oh, and... for anyone who still reads this community, Van posted another well-written vignette from his Damsels Under Glass universe a week ago: look, see?
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Hi all -

I'm a very ticklish 26/F who luckily has a guy who just loves to torture me with tickles. :) Last night we had fun with a tickle session and my camera, and we figured - hey! Why not start an LJ community specifically for the enjoyment of tickle photos!?

And thus, this community was born:

title or description

I hope no one minds my posting this here, just seemed quite relevant. And plus, if you check out the first (and only, lol), entry, you'll see said pics of last night's fun.

No worries... all SFW. ;)

Glad to be here!
any friendly ticklish ladies out there?
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Male Celebrity tickling stories, created by Matt. Tickled in socks, stocks, upside down & inside out!
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