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Previous Entry let's wake this place up! May. 8th, 2006 @ 12:13 am Next Entry
i remember when i was younger i was searching the internet.. back then, aol was new, and the internet was a huge deal. some believe that desires, turn on's, fetishes.. they develop when you're young, but you arent even aware of them until much later when you become aware of the meaning. so while i judged others for looking up porn (which i swore was innappropriate, ha, THATS changed), i was finding myself more and more aroused at the idea of laughter, tickling, light caressing..

when i came across my first tickling video, it again, was online. by then i was searching for people online that had the same curiosity as i did.. i had no idea why i was so enthralled with the feeling of be helpless at the will of someone's wandering touch.. but knowing i wasnt the only one made me feel better about myself.

i am now much older and since then have discovered this unique and played down desire of tickling. stories, pictures, videos.. its what i look forward to throughout my day.. one my roomies leave the apartment.. i can search, i can play, i can fantasize.

no one has any idea.

i joined this group because its no longer the idea of being ashamed of my craving to be at the mercy of a tall stranger with magic fingers that dance over my soles, across my skin, exploring every sensitive squirming inch of my smooth thin body.. but its just great to come across and see that so many people have followed the same desire as i have.

tickling is a sexual, arousing, and stimulating activity.. a great source of foreplay, and the idea of domination and vulnerability, helplessness... it's exciting, it leaves my heart pounding, my breath shakey, and my mind running wild with anticipation as to what i'll come across, who i'll come across..

keep up with this group.. (i seen its grown dead for quite some time) .. and i look forward to mingling with fellow ticklers and ticklees.

until then :)
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Date:May 8th, 2006 11:11 am (UTC)
I've only ever got talking to one person on here, and she dissapeared off the face of the earth. I tend not to post on these anyway, but i enjoy looking at the members own journals and seeing if theres any reference to tickling in them. Its not much of a pasttime, but its fun sometimes!

Me myself, i keep my fetish secret as a general rule, with it only coming out with girlfriends and close frends, and of course random internet friends!
Date:May 10th, 2006 03:31 am (UTC)
i do the same thing. i look at people's actual journals to see if they write about it there too.. i posted it in tickling because more people will come across it this way, and this group has just.. died it seems. its been a long time since someone posted.

how do your girlfriends react when you tell them of your tickling desire? is it sexual, or just playful for you?
Date:May 8th, 2006 10:28 pm (UTC)
I am more open about my tickling interest. It is funny because outside of BBs, which I used to run one, Compuserve had the first Tickling Forum way back in the day. I remember it well as I do many of the other outputs for it from IRC, to forums, to Website. As technology grew and the typical user could have their own websites and the sort then tickling has expanded far and wide.

I usually remain in the shadows and observe from afar. I have seen many that went from being newbies in the theatre of tickling to hosting some of the biggest sites and being moderators.

I am glad that it has expanded like it has... and trust me having nearly 20 gigs of tickling media stored away tells me how much tickling is being received by others.
Date:May 10th, 2006 03:35 am (UTC)
when did compuserve appear? i had no idea there was even that much of a history behind it.. thats awesome.

i cant believe it has grown as it has.. its site after site of entertainment for those aroused by the tickling fetish. im sure i havent even come across even 1/2 of the resources to satisfy my curiosity. i cant wait to find more.
Date:May 10th, 2006 11:25 am (UTC)
Yes, there are plenty of resources out there, and just can google it many times. Stick around the TMF website and their forurms. Plenty of new sites pop up there.
Date:May 13th, 2006 03:13 am (UTC)
great :) thanks for the advice, i appreciate it.
Date:May 8th, 2006 11:25 pm (UTC)
I'm extremely open with most people about my kinks and fetisheS -- within reason. I mean, I don't talk to my family or some friends about my sex life in general, so why should I tell them about my kinks? ;)

I think the lack of activity here may have something to do with all the resources available for tickling fetishists now on the 'net, most especially the Tickling Media Forum and Tickletheater, both of which are insanely active.

I really admire your openess Cherry (feel free to add me as a friend, btw). Myself,I have to acknowledge that my tickling/foot fetish developed when I was very young, before I reached sexual awareness or maturity. It kicked into overdrive around age 7 or 8. I had a baby-sitter -- a cousin and an "older" woman who was all of 16 or 17 at the time -- who used to punish me by tickling me mercilessly every time I misbehaved. She would chase me with giggly anticipation, hold me down, straddle me, and swirl her long finger nails across my chest and torso and sides while I screamed and swore and bucked like a little bronco.

She'd even use tickling to get me to "relax" by brushing my soles softly with her nails before I went to bed as we lay on the couch watching TV. I'm not sure if she realized that the foot tickling excited me more, and I would try desperately to maintain composure as I lay there, swooning and biting my lip to keep from howling with laughter, channeling the maddening sensations and turning them into something intensely pleasurable (a Dominatrix friend once described tickling as "the perfect balance of lust and terror," and that is a perfect description for what I felt, even as a child, when my baby-sitter tickled me).

I didn't fully realize at that young age that the pleasure which would wash over me like a warm wave whenever she tickled me was sexual, though I did sense it was something ... illicit, something I shouldn't be feeling yet. I only knew that I LOVED it, and wanted more and more. I found myself intentionally misbehaving at times, just so she'd tickle me.

And I'd always get even. She'd go barefoot all the time, and I'd attack her pink, silky soles whenever I got the chance. I found her reaction (the pleading, the giggling, the heaving of her body) coupled with the intoxicating sensory experience (the look and feel of her satiny soles, wrinkling and wiggling under my grasp; the control I had over her) absolutely addictive.

As I grew to adulthood, I slowly came to realize that I had developed an insatiable tickling fetish, not to mention a pretty intense foot fetish to go along with it.

Ah, I could go on and on ... but I won't. ;)
Date:May 13th, 2006 03:25 am (UTC)
I'm extremely open --> so is that to say those individuals you have dated, you have been forward about your interest in tickling? how have they reacted?

its interesting you mention your relationship with your babysitter. those were my dreams.. to have a babysitter that would have the relationship the two of you had in regards to tickling. i remember when i started dating, and like your babysister did, they softly stroked my bare skin to soothe me.. i exaggerated the squirms to hint the giddy pleasure it left me. some welcomed the coded invitation more than others.

your friend is correct.. lust.. and terror.. one will not be satisfying without the other with tickling.

i recall family members.. males, that were not my father, who would tickle me. those i was close to, i welcomed the playfulness, i loved it, i enjoyed it.. i frequently mentioned it, or set myself up to have my helpless body attacked with playful, quick strokes across my sensitive body... but with relatives i was not as close with who included themselves in this act.. i felt.. "dirty" almost.. like i was feeling something with someone that was inappropriate. i didnt know them, i wasnt as close with them, it wasnt the same. it left me with knots in my stomach, and made the idea of tickling sick in me. and i still feel that way today.. tickling is a selective, intimate, and wild sexual act that i only encourage with people i am closest with. and even then, i maintain my excitement and composure, only hinting at my joy.

ive always thought tickling was a unique sexual expression.. intimate, personal.. i could see it as great foreplay, or an independent past time. either way, it still fulfilled the same stimulating desire.

i would love to hear more about your experiences, please share.. or really, anything at all.. about you life, sexual or not, tickling or not, that would be wonderful, i would be thrilled to hear :)

thank you for your note
Date:May 14th, 2006 05:46 pm (UTC)

Thanks for posting and trying to open up the community. It looks like you did a good job. I always wanted this group to be a place where people could meet up and find out they're not alone.

tickling = awesome.

Josh (maintainer)
aim: yonkedgirgol (if you want to chat about this community, or in general)
Date:May 17th, 2006 05:35 am (UTC)
glad to see it's picked up a little myself :) i hope it only gets better..

every place has dry spells ;)

how long have you been head of this group?
Date:May 18th, 2006 01:36 am (UTC)


December 2003, I guess. We've gotten more and more people but not many posts. Although, I think that several of the people are just multiple user names of the same person. So, no real idea how many people there are.

I know from other LJ communities I've seen that it's hard to get decent traffic until you have 200, 300 members or so. Although lots of people on LJ are interested in tickling (see for yourself), not all are interested in joining a community devoted to it...

Maybe we could generate more conversation if we made it 18+ only and allowed pornography. The thing is, it would probably just be rehashes of content found elsewhere. And tickling is not strictly about sex, so I wanted those under 18 to be able to participate too if they wanted. I know that I knew I was into tickling before 18.

Have a good one.
Date:May 22nd, 2006 12:54 am (UTC)

Re: mew

yeah ive looked up tickling as an interest.. so many people have it listed, yet so few join the community.

tickling is not strictly about sex, so I wanted those under 18 to be able to participate
... good point. if it isnt 18 i assume it cannot be as graphic/sexual?

i wonder if its possible to advertise the group? reach out, make it a little more welcoming? im sure if it was a more active place, more people would be lured to it. i realize that if you're looking for this group, you'd search for it.. but its an idea anyway :)

Date:May 22nd, 2006 01:19 am (UTC)
wonder if its possible to advertise the group? reach out, make it a little more welcoming?

If you have ideas about how to do this, I'm open to it. I never know what to post about though. I don't want the community to just be about me and my interests.

Part of the reason I created this community was purely selfish -- to meet and talk with girls who are into tickling ;) After all, LJ is mostly female, and users are mostly young (under 25 y.o.). And I was hoping to bring people out younger people who were interested in it but never gave that interest a second thought. Not people with a tickling fetish necessarily, just people who think it's neat.

So anyway, the more people and the more tickle talk, the better. Open-minded, welcoming, but also playful and maybe sexual. Just not creepy or soliciting.

Do you have any tickling writings? You could post them here. I'm not really the best writer, myself...

- Josh
Date:May 26th, 2006 07:55 pm (UTC)
what if you advertised in other's journal's and your own.. advertise in your's.. like *Real* advertising.. but then note people about updates to the tickling group. like a "We want you to share YOUR thoughts! come to the tickling page to post stories, fiction, true, personal, fantansy.. pictures, from the internet or your own" ... give people the opportunity to express themselves through their talents and passions (writing, design, etc) and bring their fetish into those passions

*Passions with Passions* :)
Date:May 27th, 2006 09:42 am (UTC)
Well, a) nobody reads my journal. And b) I wouldn't really be sure where to advertise. I wouldn't just post in someone's journal, since that's creepy. And most communities say "no advertising." :(

I think maybe the key is just to get the people who are already here to be more active. Then when other people stumble across the group, they see that it's active and it makes them want to join too.

In the world of tickling, I've found that most guys are only interested in talking to girls, and anyway most of the girls online are really guys too. So that's a big obstacle.
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