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the beauty Sep. 24th, 2005 @ 12:43 pm
a woman's laughter is intoxicating. the wrinkle in her nose as she strives to hold in laughter while her toes fold over her milky soles, as if trying to cover them up; the squeal she releases when you rake your finger nails over her soft arch as she bucks and screams; she opens her mouth to insist that you stop, but can only giggle, squirm, and try to escape your touch.

they love it. every poke, stroke, and torturous tickle session is implanted into their minds. enough that a simple wiggle of a finger in front of them widens their eyes --- but they smile nonetheless. they enjoy the surrender that takes place (as do we ;) even an unintentional brush of your fingers against her bare side catches her attention as she jumps (sometime exaggerated to catch your attention that she is, indeed.. sensitive? ;) heh heh) personally, i then look at wherever i came across and back at her with a knowing and.. devious smile. not to jump at the opportunity now, but to find the perfect spontaneous moment to stroke her... everywhere. in places where she never dreamed to be ticklish.

a stroke across her belly, a finger tip sliding over her arch, a wiggle of fingers under her arms when she stretches for something above her reach.. to see her shift abruptly and gasp.. to hear her giggle and confess her ticklishness..

tickling is a beauty, and her laughter ... thats what makes her beautiful
Current Mood: deviousdevious
Current Music: i'll be -- edwin mccain

allow me to introduce myself Sep. 22nd, 2005 @ 12:56 pm
name: Susan
age: 19
location: currently baltimore, md for college
sees through: light blue
locks: brunette
reach for the stars: 5'7"
weigh it down baby: 125
shoe size: 7.5-8 depending on the shoe
wearing: barefeet, red spaghetti strap shirt, shorts
status: single? sort of? ... not tied down, no
quote: love never fails
music: everything from mariah carey to big and rich to life house to vertical horizon

when was the last time you ...
got a pedicure: 2 weeks ago
kissed someone: 2 weeks ago
had sex: 2 weeks ago
went to a party: last weekend
cheated on someone: never
dated someone: it's been a few months
fought with someone: yesterday
cried: 3 days ago
were tickled: 2 weeks ago =(
tickled someone: 2 weeks ago =(
laughed: i dont laugh, i *giggle* hehe.. ;)
were given a tummy rasberry: I LOVE THOSE hehe .. my tummy is a lil sensitive.. *giggle*
took a picture: last weekend
were hit on: yesterday..? i guess?

how ticklish ARE you?: depends?..
where are u most vulnerable to fingers: is this tickle-sexual or sexual-sexual ;)
what's your reaction when you are poked, squeezed, tickled?: poke (squeal and giggle) sqeeze (scream and giggle--even after you've stopped) tickle (i buck and gigle and eventually just laugh hysterically wriggling around)
do u like to be tickled: it is SO sexy
if someone says "tickle" ... : you have my FULL attention
if someone taunts you: .. evil.. but sexy
tickler or ticklee?: if you dont tickle me, i'll tickle you!
bondage? at times ... surrender is sexy as hell..
tickler: female or male, female if there are long finger nails, male, must be older than me.. my age or younger isnt as sexy
ticklee: female.. i can dominate with a girl, but i'd much rather have the guy work me into a frenzy ;) .. im a huge tummy tickle rasberry fan on men though ;)
how long have u enjoyed it: entire life ... all 19 years and counting
you see someone being tickled in public: thoughts (me next!) reaction (i stare. i look at the eyes of the tickler, the face of the ticklee, and then i zero in on their fingers and the skin)
turn on: the feeling of a girl's skin when i tickle her with long finger nails .. squeeze her sides and watch her jump.. sexy. the feeling of a guy exploring my naked body aggresively ... softly ... tickles and all .. arousing
Current Mood: sensitive ;)

Jul. 24th, 2005 @ 05:29 pm
Wussup i'm phil from the houston, tx area.. just sayin hello to all those ticklers and ticklee's out there wherever you are

Hi! (intro) Jun. 28th, 2005 @ 04:28 pm
This place doesnt get updated very often, does it? Kinda sad. It'd be nice to see more action in here. :P

intro!Collapse )
Current Mood: awkward

It's About The Good Times! Jun. 14th, 2005 @ 12:08 am
Delicious is...
...meeting someone for the first time after a long time talking only on LJ or instant message, and finding her to be vivacious, charming, witty and fun...
Delightful is...
... grabbing her ankle and removing her sandal right in the middle of the market during lunch, and dragging my fingernails up her foot, to watch her do the tiny little restrained jump off the chair.
Freedom is...
...finding someone who has sought you out specifically because of your kink, and not having to "explain" anything...
Exquisite is...
... sitting in the restaurant booth, with her ankle firmly in your grip while talking about matters unimportant and sundry, and when she's in the middle of trying to express a semi-complicated thought, raking fingernails under her toes and feeling them curl, while watching her pretty face as her brain scrambles under the tickling sensation and she tries to keep hold of the thought while trying not to let out a scream of laughter....
Fantastic is...
...after she has composed herself, and you let loose of her foot, she kicks off her other sandal and places her other foot in your lap, to be tortured some more...
Anticipation is ...
...knowing the next time you meet, she promoses to let you put her in your ankle stocks, tie her toes up and send her off the edge of the falls with the entire contents of the toybag.
Yep, some moments must be relished for every second. Life is all about the moments. :)
And tomorrow's gonna be an even better day!
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
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